Ian Shaheen

Chasing Carrots | Part 3

How does our own expectations for ourselves line up with God’s? How does being a perfectionist bleed into all aspects of our lives? Pastor Josh Starnes unpacks all of this and what chasing perfection can mean for our lives.

Chasing Carrots | Part 1

We all strive for things that end up still leaving us wanting more. Like we we’re chasing carrots we keep pushing for that next thing but how do we find lasting fulfillment? Pastor Patrick Tanton starts the series of by looking at approval.

Christmas Stories- Part 3

During the holidays and really anytime of the year, It’s really easy to get caught up in the busyness or distracted by the details. In the final part of this series Pastor Patrick Tanton breaks down how important these details are but there’s something far more important.

REAL?- Part 5 The Gifts Of The Spirit

What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are they different from the fruit of the Holy Spirit? These things can often be confusing or mysterious but that’s not what God intended. Pastor Patrick Tanton finishes this series off by taking a down to earth look at the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

REAL?- Part 4 The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

Expectations can be a very dangerous thing. Whether it’s expectations put on us from other people or even from ourselves. Sometimes we can look at the fruit of the Holy Spirit and just see expectations or a checklist and we feel like there’s no way we can do those things or measure up to any of it. Pastor Josh Starnes shares an eye opening message on the fruit of the Holy Spirit.