Patrick Tanton


The way we think matters, not just in our own inner dialogue but in our whole outlook on life. How we think and the thoughts in our head can have a huge impact in our lives, both positive and negative so how do we take control of our thoughts? Pastor Patrick Tanton dives into how our minds work and how to switch our mindsets.

Heart & Soul | Part 4

We can oftentimes just go through the motions and become stagnant in our faith. So how do we keep progressing and growing? Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at how growth ties into who we are as Christians.

Heart & Soul | Part 3

Being in a authentic community with deep friendships is one of the most important and difficult things in our lives. Pastor Patrick Tanton explains how community is a core aspect of who we are as Christians.

Heart & Soul | Part 2

It’s easy to think that worship can only be music or singing but in actuality it extends far beyond those things. So what is worship? Why do we worship? Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at worship and how it connects to the resurrection of Jesus.


As we’ve been going through this series we have talked about being saved, freed and healed. All these things add up to being whole, but what does wholeness actually look like? How do we continue living a SOZO life? Pastor Patrick Tanton closes out this powerful series with the answers to these questions and more.


One difficult aspect of the wholeness God has for us is the physical. Oftentimes when we want physical healing, we can begin to ask God why? Why haven’t you healed me? Why did you heal other people and not me? Pastor Patrick Tanton takes on the challenging task of exploring how physical healing relates to the wholeness that God is calling us towards.