Over the course of this series we’ve gone through being saved, freed, healed and whole but after all that you may be asking “now what”? Was all that for our own sake and our own lives? Pastor Josh Starnes adds a follow up to our series “LIMITLESS”.

Chasing Carrots | Part 3

How does our own expectations for ourselves line up with God’s? How does being a perfectionist bleed into all aspects of our lives? Pastor Josh Starnes unpacks all of this and what chasing perfection can mean for our lives.

REAL?- Part 4 The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

Expectations can be a very dangerous thing. Whether it’s expectations put on us from other people or even from ourselves. Sometimes we can look at the fruit of the Holy Spirit and just see expectations or a checklist and we feel like there’s no way we can do those things or measure up to any of it. Pastor Josh Starnes shares an eye opening message on the fruit of the Holy Spirit.