Old School | Part 3

Now that we’ve been saved from bondage and had the bondage taken out of us, how can we be redeemed? In this part Pastor Patrick Tanton explains the 3rd promise of Restoration.

Old School | Part 2

In the second part of this series, Pastor Patrick Tanton unpacks the second promise we were given: Freedom. God has an abundant life for each of us, full of freedom from the things that can hold us back, but how do we access that freedom?

Old School | Part 1

There are things that are regarded as “Timeless” or “Classic”, never going out of style or some things go out of style only to somehow find their way back into being relevant. This series takes a look at 4 ancient promises that are still just as relevant and true today as they were the very day they were made. Pastor Patrick Tanton starts it off by looking at the first one: Salvation.