Patrick Tanton

The Life You Always Wanted | Intro

We all have things we wished were better. Maybe we wish we were more patient, had more money or healthier relationships. Whatever it may be, we have this image of “A life We’ve Always Wanted” but couldn’t quite achieve. In this series we take a look at how to step into the abundant life that God has for us!

Detox | Part 1

We could all use a good detox to start the year off right and Pastor Patrick Tanton takes a look at what a spirit detox is and why each of us could use one!

James | Part 7

In part 7 of our study through the book of James, We take a deeper look at what James says about conflict. Pastor Patrick Tanton talks about how our issues and conflict may not be coming from where we think.

James | Part 6

In part 6 of this series Pastor Patrick Tanton Examines what James has to say about being wise. What does being wise look like? How do we become wise?