Old School | Part 3

Now that we’ve been saved from bondage and had the bondage taken out of us, how can we be redeemed? In this part Pastor Patrick Tanton explains the 3rd promise of Restoration.

Old School | Part 2

In the second part of this series, Pastor Patrick Tanton unpacks the second promise we were given: Freedom. God has an abundant life for each of us, full of freedom from the things that can hold us back, but how do we access that freedom?


Over the course of this series we’ve gone through being saved, freed, healed and whole but after all that you may be asking “now what”? Was all that for our own sake and our own lives? Pastor Josh Starnes adds a follow up to our series “LIMITLESS”.


As we’ve been going through this series we have talked about being saved, freed and healed. All these things add up to being whole, but what does wholeness actually look like? How do we continue living a SOZO life? Pastor Patrick Tanton closes out this powerful series with the answers to these questions and more.


The Church is filled with imperfect people and as everyone of us has experienced, imperfect people make mistakes. Those mistakes can be hurtful and we can very easily associate those hurts or mistakes with God and maybe even turn away from God and the church. Our guest speaker Lavon Coles unpacks this challenging subject so that we may be healed and step into the full abundant life God has for us.


We’ve all experienced some form of pain in our lives. Whether it was physical or emotional, those pains can leave scars and we need healing. But sometimes even though we want to be healed we still hold onto the past. Pastor Patrick Tanton starts this next section of the series on healing.


Often times in order to experience God’s freedom we need to address the shame in our lives. We need to breakdown the lies that have been spoken over us and see ourselves how God created us to be. Our guest speaker Jennifer Ericksen continues this series with a powerful message.


A huge part of freedom is leaving the lies that take over our minds and stepping into the truth that God has for us. Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at what it takes to tear down the strongholds that these lies create.