The Life You Always Wanted | Part 4

Patience is something we all want/need but is incredibly hard to actually produce within ourselves. It can be easy to be patient when everything’s going great but what about when they’re not? or when we’re dealing with people who irritate us? How do we produce patience in those times?? Pastor Patrick Tanton outlines exactly that in our 4th part of this series. (We apologize for the audio issues)

Reassembly Required | Part 2

Mending broken relationships can be one of the hardest things to do and it takes a toll on your life but Jesus has called us to live a better life in community with one another. In part 2 of this series Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at some of the challenges we may face as we reassemble our relationships.

Reassembly Required | Part 1

In the first part of our series on relationships Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at how to reconcile damaged relationships by using the “C4” approach to relationship management. Which is: Convince, Coerce, Convict and control……OK that’s maybe not the best approach but you’ll have to watch or listen to find out what is!

Heart & Soul | Part 3

Being in a authentic community with deep friendships is one of the most important and difficult things in our lives. Pastor Patrick Tanton explains how community is a core aspect of who we are as Christians.