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To help people find and fulfill the abundant life that comes from God by creating a community where people can come to Follow Jesus, Find Freedom and FULFILL Purpose.

They shall be like trees planted by the water that produce life in every season! - psalms 1:3
20 Nov: James | Part 7

In part 7 of our study through the book of James, We take a deeper look at what James says about conflict. Pastor Patrick Tanton talks about how our issues and conflict may not be coming from where we think.

13 Nov: James | Part 6

In part 6 of this series Pastor Patrick Tanton Examines what James has to say about being wise. What does being wise look like? How do we become wise?

06 Nov: James | Part 5

James continues to challenge the church he’s speaking to and in chapter 3 he doesn’t hold back! Pastor Patrick Tanton unpacks what James has to say about our words.

30 Oct: James | Part 4

In part 4 of series through the book of James Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at the challenging topic of “Faith & Works” and how do we actually live out our faith.

23 Oct: James | Part 3

In this passage of james Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at what james has to say about favoritism and how we can see everyone through the eyes of Jesus.

16 Oct: James | Part 2

In part 2 of this series going through the book of James, Pastor Patrick Tanton examines James’ instructions on how to actually live out our faith.

09 Oct: James | Part 1

In the start of this study on the book of James, Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at James’ instructions on how to deal with trials & temptations.

02 Oct: Reassembly Required | Part 4

In the Final part of this series Pastor Patrick Tanton gives the final step in reassembling our broken relationships.

25 Sep: Reassembly Required | Part 3

In Part 3 of this series on mending broken relationships Pastor Patrick Tanton examines what all is our responsibility in reconciliation. How much of the “Blame Pie” is ours?

18 Sep: Reassembly Required | Part 2

Mending broken relationships can be one of the hardest things to do and it takes a toll on your life but Jesus has called us to live a better life in community with one another. In part 2 of this series Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at some of the challenges we may face as we reassemble our relationships.

11 Sep: Reassembly Required | Part 1

In the first part of our series on relationships Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at how to reconcile damaged relationships by using the “C4” approach to relationship management. Which is: Convince, Coerce, Convict and control……OK that’s maybe not the best approach but you’ll have to watch or listen to find out what is!

04 Sep: Vision Sunday 2022

As we head into this next season Pastor Patrick Tanton looks forward to all that God has in store for us as individuals and TimberCreek Church as a whole!

21 Aug: Temple | Part 3

In the third part of this series Pastor Jonathan Shaheen looks at Acts 16 where Paul and Silas are beaten and in prison yet still find the strength to worship. How can we be like Paul and Silas and worship in EVERY season?

14 Aug: Temple | Part 2

When we hear the word “Worship” a lot can come to mind but what does true worship actually look like? We all have some form of preconceived notions of what worship looks or sounds like. Maybe we were told something or we grew up a certain way but maybe God is calling us to something more than what we’ve always thought. Maybe he’s challenging us to leave our old ways and grow in the direction he’s leading. In this message Pastor Jonathan Shaheen challenges our perspective on worship.

07 Aug: Temple | Part 1

When we hear the word “Worship” a lot can come to mind but what does true worship actually look like? We all have some form of preconceived notions of what worship looks or sounds like. Maybe we were told something or we grew up a certain way but what does God say true worship is? Pastor Patrick Tanton Starts this new series off by exploring where we can worship.

31 Jul: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 10

Pastor Josh Starnes takes a fresh look at an interaction between Jesus and Martha after Lazarus’ death.

24 Jul: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 9

Guest speaker Howard Haworth dives into an encounter between Jesus and Peter.

17 Jul: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 8

Pastor Patrick Tanton continues unpacking the encounters people had with Jesus and in this message he takes a look at the relationship and a specific conversation between Jesus and John the Baptist.

10 Jul: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 7

Guest speaker Tabitha Panariso, digs into the story of the woman at the well.

03 Jul: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 6

Continuing in our series, Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at the story of the unbelieving father and how oftentimes we have undeveloped faith in areas of our lives.

26 Jun: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 5

As we continue to look at different moments people had with Jesus, Pastor Patrick Tanton opens up the story of the rich young ruler.

19 Jun: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 4

Guest speaker Geof Morin the CEO of Biblica continues our series by examining the story of Jesus and zacchaeus.

12 Jun: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 3

Pastor Travis Deatherage takes a look at the similarities between us and Peter at times and how while we may just be ordinary people, we have an extraordinary god!

05 Jun: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 2

In the second part of this series examining the face to face encounters of Jesus, Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at a conversation that Jesus and Nicodemus had together.

29 May: Extraordinary (Ordinary) | Part 1

Pastor Josh Yancey kicks off this new series by looking at the similar encounters that Mary & Zechariah had with angels and their very different reactions.

22 May: Mindset

The way we think matters, not just in our own inner dialogue but in our whole outlook on life. How we think and the thoughts in our head can have a huge impact in our lives, both positive and negative so how do we take control of our thoughts? Pastor Patrick Tanton dives into how our minds work and how to switch our mindsets.

15 May: Heart & Soul | Part 5

In the final part of our “Heart & Soul” series Pastor Patrick Tanton unpacks how each of us are called to not only be apart of the kingdom of God but to contribute to it.

08 May: Heart & Soul | Part 4

We can oftentimes just go through the motions and become stagnant in our faith. So how do we keep progressing and growing? Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at how growth ties into who we are as Christians.

01 May: Heart & Soul | Part 3

Being in a authentic community with deep friendships is one of the most important and difficult things in our lives. Pastor Patrick Tanton explains how community is a core aspect of who we are as Christians.

24 Apr: Heart & Soul | Part 2

It’s easy to think that worship can only be music or singing but in actuality it extends far beyond those things. So what is worship? Why do we worship? Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at worship and how it connects to the resurrection of Jesus.

17 Apr: Heart & Soul | Part 1

Who are we as christians? Why do we do what we do? Pastor Patrick Tanton starts this series of by looking at where it all began.

10 Apr: LIMITLESS | Part 10

Over the course of this series we’ve gone through being saved, freed, healed and whole but after all that you may be asking “now what”? Was all that for our own sake and our own lives? Pastor Josh Starnes adds a follow up to our series “LIMITLESS”.

03 Apr: LIMITLESS | Part 9

As we’ve been going through this series we have talked about being saved, freed and healed. All these things add up to being whole, but what does wholeness actually look like? How do we continue living a SOZO life? Pastor Patrick Tanton closes out this powerful series with the answers to these questions and more.

27 Mar: LIMITLESS | Part 8

The Church is filled with imperfect people and as everyone of us has experienced, imperfect people make mistakes. Those mistakes can be hurtful and we can very easily associate those hurts or mistakes with God and maybe even turn away from God and the church. Our guest speaker Lavon Coles unpacks this challenging subject so that we may be healed and step into the full abundant life God has for us.

20 Mar: LIMITLESS | Part 7

One difficult aspect of the wholeness God has for us is the physical. Oftentimes when we want physical healing, we can begin to ask God why? Why haven’t you healed me? Why did you heal other people and not me? Pastor Patrick Tanton takes on the challenging task of exploring how physical healing relates to the wholeness that God is calling us towards.

13 Mar: LIMITLESS | Part 6

We’ve all experienced some form of pain in our lives. Whether it was physical or emotional, those pains can leave scars and we need healing. But sometimes even though we want to be healed we still hold onto the past. Pastor Patrick Tanton starts this next section of the series on healing.

06 Mar: LIMITLESS | Part 5

Often times in order to experience God’s freedom we need to address the shame in our lives. We need to breakdown the lies that have been spoken over us and see ourselves how God created us to be. Our guest speaker Jennifer Ericksen continues this series with a powerful message.

27 Feb: LIMITLESS | Part 4

A huge part of freedom is leaving the lies that take over our minds and stepping into the truth that God has for us. Pastor Patrick Tanton looks at what it takes to tear down the strongholds that these lies create.

20 Feb: LIMITLESS | Part 3

In part 3 of this series on “SOZO”, Pastor Patrick Tanton takes a look at freedom and how we not only get out of bondage but get bondage out of us.

13 Feb: LIMITLESS | Part 2

Jesus came to save us from all of our hurts, habits and hang-ups but he also came to save us into something. How do we get out of our “so so” lives and step into the “SOZO” life that God has for us? Pastor Patrick Tanton unpacks this and more in part 2 of “LIMITLESS”

06 Feb: LIMITLESS | Part 1

At TimberCreek we say “we want every to experience all that God has for us”. But what does that actually look like? How do we live a truly LIMITLESS life? Pastor Patrick Tanton kicks off this challenging series.

23 Jan: Chasing Carrots | Part 3

How does our own expectations for ourselves line up with God’s? How does being a perfectionist bleed into all aspects of our lives? Pastor Josh Starnes unpacks all of this and what chasing perfection can mean for our lives.

16 Jan: Chasing Carrots | Part 2

What is rich? Should we feel guilty if we have money? Is money inherently bad? Pastor Patrick looks at what pursuing money can mean for our lives.

09 Jan: Chasing Carrots | Part 1

We all strive for things that end up still leaving us wanting more. Like we we’re chasing carrots we keep pushing for that next thing but how do we find lasting fulfillment? Pastor Patrick Tanton starts the series of by looking at approval.

02 Jan: Home For The Holidays 2021/2022 | Part 2

Get your friends and family together as we enjoy being “Home For The Holidays” with some more worship and Pastor Patrick Tanton will look at what we should be bringing with us into the new year!

26 Dec: Home For The Holidays 2021/2022 | Part 1

Enjoy church from home this holiday season with powerful worship and a challenging message from Pastor Patrick Tanton as we head into the new year.

19 Dec: Christmas Stories- Part 3

During the holidays and really anytime of the year, It’s really easy to get caught up in the busyness or distracted by the details. In the final part of this series Pastor Patrick Tanton breaks down how important these details are but there’s something far more important.

12 Dec: Christmas Stories- Part 2

Guest Speaker Tabitha Panariso shares some stories from her Christmas past.

05 Dec: Christmas Stories- Part 1 The Shepherds

Guest speaker Lavon Coles starts our new series off by looking at the christmas story from the perspective of the shepherds.

28 Nov: REAL?- Part 5 The Gifts Of The Spirit

What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are they different from the fruit of the Holy Spirit? These things can often be confusing or mysterious but that’s not what God intended. Pastor Patrick Tanton finishes this series off by taking a down to earth look at the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

21 Nov: REAL?- Part 4 The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

Expectations can be a very dangerous thing. Whether it’s expectations put on us from other people or even from ourselves. Sometimes we can look at the fruit of the Holy Spirit and just see expectations or a checklist and we feel like there’s no way we can do those things or measure up to any of it. Pastor Josh Starnes shares an eye opening message on the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

14 Nov: REAL?- Part 3 Being Filled With The Holy Spirit

God didn’t send the Holy Spirit to be a small temporary part of our lives, He sent the Holy Spirit to fill every part of our lives. Many of us have accepted Jesus into our lives but maybe haven’t continually let the Holy Spirit fill our lives. Pastor Patrick Tanton outlines what being filled with the Holy Spirit Looks like.

07 Nov: REAL?- Part 2 The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Pastor Patrick Tanton dives into the power of the Holy Spirit. What is it? How do we access it? And how can we use it?

31 Oct: REAL?- Part 1 Who Is The Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit can oftentimes be mysterious or weird but Pastor Patrick Tanton aims to practically break down and de-mystify the Holy Spirit in this series so that we can confidently step into the power that the Holy Spirit provides.

24 Oct: The Lord’s Prayer- Part 7 When God Says No

We don’t always get the answers we want and are left asking God why? Why do bad things happen and what do we do when God says no or doesn’t answer our prayers the way we wanted? Pastor Josh Yancey finishes The Lord’s Prayer series with a challenging message on when things don’t go the way we wanted.

17 Oct: The Lord’s Prayer- Part 6 A Guide To Prayer

Pastor Patrick Tanton unpacks more details on the guide Jesus gave us to pray.

10 Oct: The Lord’s Prayer- Part 5 Temptation & Protection

Jesus gave us a template for us to fight temptation and protect us from our own sin. Pastor Patrick Tanton breaks down that template in a practical way so that we can overcome our temptations.

03 Oct: The Lord’s Prayer- Part 4 Forgiveness

We all have pain and hurt in our lives but the beauty of Prayer is that it changes everything, including us. Just as Jesus forgave all of us for our sins, we’re called to do the same to others. Which is easier said than done. Pastor Patrick Tanton shows us the practical ways Jesus gave us to forgive.

26 Sep: The Lord’s Prayer- Part 3 How To Trust God

It’s human nature for us to rely on our own abilities and strengths but God has called us to put our trust in him. Pastor Patrick Tanton gives a challenging message on prayer and provision.

19 Sep: The Lord’s Prayer- Part 2 More Questions Surrounding Prayer

As Pastor Patrick Tanton continues our series, we look at some more questions surrounding prayer like why do we say “in Jesus name?” Or “what should we pray for?”

12 Sep: The Lord’s Prayer- Part 1 Jesus Teaches Us To Pray

Prayer can oftentimes feel awkward or hard and we can tend to fall back on memorized prayers or phrases. The Lord’s Prayer is probably the most memorized prayer ever but Jesus actually meant for this prayer to be modeled not memorized. Pastor Patrick Tanton starts the series off by looking at the ways Jesus teaches us to pray.

29 Aug: Life Hacks Part 5- Bringing Out The Best In Our Kids

Pastor Patrick Tanton reminds us how hard it is to raise kids and gives us 5 ways to bring out the best in them.

22 Aug: Life Hacks Part 4- Fighting Fair in Relationships

Conflict in our lives is certain so how do we tackle it and get the most out of the relationships around us? Pastor Patrick Tanton shows us a few ways to fight fair.

15 Aug: Life Hacks Part 3- Managing Money

The Bible talks about money over 2000 times. Why is it so important? Is money inherently bad? Pastor Patrick Tanton shows us how God wants us to manage our money.

08 Aug: Life Hacks Part 2- Balancing Priorities

Life is complex and it’s hard to balance everything. Pastor Patrick Tanton reminds us how often our priorities can become misaligned and gives some practical ways to get the most out of our time.

01 Aug: Life Hacks Part 1- Tangible Ways to Improve Your Life

How do we get the most out of our lives? Pastor Josh Yancey starts our Life Hacks series with tangible ways to improve our lives.

25 Jul: Counter Culture Part 9- Persecution Around The World

Our guest speaker Pastor Lavon Coles brings a powerful message about the persecution happening all around the world and shows us a few different ways we can get involved.

18 Jul: Counter Culture Part 8- Peacekeeping vs. Peacemaking

Peacekeeping vs peacemaking… what’s the difference? How do we make lasting peace instead of just keeping the peace? Guest speaker Jennifer Ericksen shows us the difference, and how we can be “Peacemakers.”

11 Jul: Counter Culture Part 7- How to Align Your Heart to God’s

What does it actually mean to have a pure heart? How do we align our hearts with how God created them to be? Pastor Patrick Tanton delivers a challenging message that cuts to the core of who we are.

04 Jul: Counter Culture Part 6- How to Show Mercy In Today’s World

Our world is full of judgement and cultures of “you get what you deserve” yet God calls us to be merciful. Pastor Patrick Tanton reminds us of how difficult it is for us to be merciful to people who don’t deserve it and how God showed us the greatest act of mercy by sending his son to die for our sins.

27 Jun: Counter Culture Part 5- Finding Fulfillment

What does fulfillment look like in our lives? Not Fake fulfillment, but true purpose and satisfaction. Guest speaker Geof Morin unpacks how God can satisfy our deep hunger in life.

20 Jun: Counter Culture Part 4- Why You Need Meekness

Meek isn’t really a word that we hear often and when we do, it isn’t something we necessarily strive for or desire for ourselves. Pastor Patrick Tanton shows us what meekness really means and why you should seek it.

13 Jun: Counter Culture Part 3- Finding Hope When You Are Broken or Grieving

Dealing with mourning or brokenness can be some of the hardest times in our lives. Guest speaker P.J. Metzger brings a powerful message about where our hope comes from and how to carry that hope through those broken moments.

06 Jun: Counter Culture Part 2- Are You Spiritually Poor?

Being spiritually poor doesn’t sound like anything we would want to be but Pastor Patrick Tanton shares how this, and the other Beatitudes, are very counter culture but also very life changing.

30 May: Counter Culture Part 1- What Are the Beatitudes?

Pastor Patrick Tanton Kicks off our “Counter Culture” series and answers questions like “What even is a beatitude?” “What does the word blessing actually mean?” and “how do we find true happiness?”

Helen M.
We’ve been attending TimberCreek Church since their first service 3 years ago. It has been such a blessing! We have met great people through our small group and love the authentic and vulnerable preaching. Sundays are fun days – friends, great worship music, meaningful messages.
Fred W.
Down to earth gathering with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Staff (including the senior pastor), volunteers and attendees eager to meet guests with a smile and a kind word.
Anne H.
It took us awhile to find a community we connected with, but once we found Timber Creek, we knew we were home! Pastor Patrick and his wife Lanitha are very personable and ultra relatable. You can tell loving on people is what they were called to do. We came in with past church hurt and have experienced healing and a renewed look into what church is meant to be.
Rebecca R.
We’ve been attending TimberCreek for a few years now. Some friends invited us to join in on their small group and we visited the church and stayed. Pastor Patrick preaches Bible application and I always take something home with me. My teenage kids relate to his teaching, too. There’s a huge focus on community here which was helpful when trying to find a place to plug in.
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